Love Bomb

Love Bomb is in development as a movie, with Irene Mecchi slated to write the screenplay for Pennen Productions.

LOVE BOMB, a tough, tender social comedy and a romance with guts, is written with deep affection for everything it skewers.

Wish, laugh-aloud funny, and totally entertaining.  
—Nancy Pearl


Realistic in its depiction of sympathetic characters facing a crisis, while edgy in its satire…With the pleasing intensity of an action film and none of the boring car chases, Love Bomb is a witty, smart, and densely packed novel.
Sylvia Brownrigg, The New York Times

Smart, funny, irreverent…Zeidner has done her research carefully and writes with authority…A perfect summer novel.
Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post

Cry at weddings? No? You probably would once Lisa Zeidner’s badass avenging feminist showed up in her gas mask and took you hostage—at least once you got done clutching your gut from the hilarity. Reading Love Bomb‘ is like viewing the world through special glasses that make your perception off-kilter, keener, more attuned to the tragicomedy that surrounds us, to the gonzo miracle of love’s outrageous resilience.
Karen Russell, author of Swamplandia

The book is buoyed by Zeidner’s sympathetic sense of humor…Even the grumpiest reader will warm to Zeidner’s sweeter ideas about love and loyalty, marriage, motherhood, and romance.
Katie Haegele, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Acid—and very funny…Ms. Zeidner manages to deftly play out the ultimate chick-lit revenge fantasy while seeming to make fun of the whole thing.
Susanna Meadows, The New York Times

Explosively funny,
Elissa Schappell, Vanity Fair

Love Bomb takes this story of a spurned lover looking for revenge and creates a wild, addictive tale of sheer brilliance. 
Natalie Papailiou, Shelf Awareness

It’s her insight into—and keen sympathy for—human foibles that supplies Love Bomb’s biggest impact.
Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly