Who Says? Mastering the Point of View in Fiction

WHO SAYS?—“As an experienced teacher and witty, engaging novelist, Lisa Zeidner has a real understanding of what makes fiction tick, and from whose perspective that ticking might arise. Her book will surely be a good resource for anyone setting out to understand the complex and all-important topic of point of view.”
Meg Wolitzer

Love Bomb

LOVE BOMB—“Realistic in its depiction of sympathetic characters facing a crisis, while edgy in its satire…With the pleasing intensity of an action film and none of the boring car chases, Love Bomb is a witty, smart, and densely packed novel.”
Sylvia Brownrigg, The New York Times


LAYOVER—Throw aside your idea of a heroine, and meet Claire Newbold. Despite hardship–a young child’s death, infertility, an unfaithful husband—wry, ferocious Claire has been trying to soldier on. But then she simply checks out of job and home to confront love and loss on the road. “Zeidner’s writing is like her heroine: taut, intelligent, and seductive.”
The New Yorker

Layover is in development as a movie, with Toni Kalem writing and directing for Serena Films.

Limited Partnerships

Lisa Zeidner’s very funny, sneakily touching third novel shakes up the fragile world of Young Semi-Professionals. Here they’re downwardly mobile—and not so young anymore either “Witty, original, and provocative—another tour de force for Lisa Zeidner.”
Tama Janowitz

POCKET SUNDIAL—winner of the 1988 Brittingham Prize in Poetry. “If her spirits are high, they’ve risen above a knowledge of the depths; if her humors are low, they’ve undermined loftier pretentions; never middling, though, Zeidner is packed in wit like salt.”
Richard Howard

ALEXANDRA FREED—A tale of romantic adventure and misadventure, and of family psychodrama and comedy, on a purely American note. “Charming, high-wired, open-hearted serio-comedy—the rare real thing.”
Kirkus Reviews


CUSTOMS—They met by chance in a New York coffee shop. A young woman and an unkempt but elegant old woman. One at the end of her first love affair, one near the end of her love affair with life. “A world of grace, magic and love…entrancing.”
The New York Times

Talking Cure

TALKING CURE—“Lisa Zeidner’s work is fugal—the ordinary is joined by the ordinary and strange to make the extraordinary…her sleight of hand—the wit, intelligence and sensuality—allow her to achieve the grand and avoid the grandiose.” 
Cynthia Macdonald